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Technical Expertise
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Technical Expertise
Circuit Design
Circuit design and development for analogue and digital circuits, high speed PCIe buses and interfaces like USB, RS485 and ethernet.
Often also involved with prototypes is writing the firmware to operate on the micro-controller or micro-processor used. This is normally written in embedded C.
Technical Support, Analysis of Issues and Problem Solving
Various issues can appear during development, and I can provide a consulting service to provide technical insight when needed.

To resolve technical issues, provide circuit analysis, root-cause analysis, fault analysis, design reviews and reports.
NXP 80C51 MCUs
Atmel 8-bit and 32-bit MCUs
including 8051, AVR, xmega, and ARMs.
ST Microelectronics STM32 ARMs.
Microchip Microcontrollers 80C51, PICs.
Microcontrollers and Microprocessors
Electronic Devices such as
LCD, LEDs, BJTs, JFETs, MOSFETs, IGBTs among many others.
PCIe, SATA,I2C, SPI, RS232, RS422, RS485, USB, ethernet, POTS (telephone), microphone inputs, audio line-in and outs.
Radio Frequency Technology
Technologies I have worked with include, but are not excluded to:
• RF impedance matching
• Standards Compliance (EMC, ESD, Safety)
• Design for Manufacture, Assembly, Testability
• Switch Mode Supplies; boost, buck, flyback
• Passive and Active Filter Design
Test Application Programs
Preference is to use LabVIEW for test application programming, due to the ease in maintaining the system over extended periods of time.
• Power Supplies
• Digital logic
• Control circuits

Various Electronic Devices
Printed Circuit Layout
•Flex and Rigid Circuit Board
•Along with ...
2.4GHz ISM band radio including Bluetooth