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The Product Development Process
The electronic aspect of product development starts with the electronics for your concept idea and finishes with saleable product coming off the production line.
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Creating a prototype to check the credibility of your idea before going to great expense of developing the product, can save you alot of money, time and effort.
This is a chance to test the performance of your idea, and see the market acceptance to your idea.
Concept Electronics
Developing a circuit board to prototype the design and trial it out for real. This allows any issues with the design to be ironed out and corrected with a subsequent revision of the prototype circuit board.
Test Fixtures
Once the circuit board is ready for production, test fixtures are often required to be able to test the circuits in volumes over 100 units per manufacturing run. By reducing the time it takes to test a circuit board, test fixtures quickly pay for themselves by reducing the cost per circuit board manufactured.
Computer Aided Design
Schematics and PCB Design. And the creation of manufacturing files for fabrication of the PCBs and the loading of components with Pick and Place machines.
My personal preference is using Altium Designer.
Technical Support
Technical support can be provided at any stage of development, including after your product has been launched.
Power supply issue
• Fault Finding
• Bug Fixes
• Design Review
• Manufacturing Issues
Fault found
Radiated emission issue